Le thé sur la Terasse – Tea on the Terrace!

Le thé sur la Terasse – Tea on the Terrace!

S’il fait beau vous pouvez prendre votre thé sur la terrasse pour profiter des beaux rosiers et la tranquillité de notre belle colline paisible…..

If the weather is fine you are very welcome to take your place on the terrace surrounded by our lovely roses and the peace and quiet of the hillside……..

La Porcelaine Anglaise – Vintage English China

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  1. Do I need to book for an afternoon tea? It’s a birthday present for a friend. Can’t find a menu for it on your website.

    1. Hello Ann, Yes I do ask people to ring and book for afternoon tea. There isn’t a menu as such as it’s a fairly simple affair, usually a pot of tea and scones served in my vintage china – but if you’d like to ring on this number – 06 45 66 01 51 – I can give you more details. Regards, Jane

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